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Last years Omiš became important center for adventure tourism and extreme sports. Tourist agency "Omnivia" can organise for you active holiday offer.
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Kaštil Slanica

As a part of several hundred years old history, restaurant Kaštil Slanica is distinguished with exeptional ambience and gastronomy attached to environment and past...

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Radman mills

Nowdays Radman mills are a restaurant and picnic place where in the shadows of tall trees, in the peaceful atmosphere of mill wheels and a sundial...


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Kaštil Slanica history

Under the rule of Kačić dukes from the 12th till 14th century, Kastil Slanica was a safe refuge for famous Omiš pirates.After the 14th century, when strong Turkish force appeared  in the neighbourhood of Omiš and Poljica, Slanica became a marketplace. The most common product in trade between the locals and the Turks was salt (salty = slano), so the trade station got its name Slanica.
Todays Kastil Slanica restaurant was built on the old walls from the Middle Ages. As a part of the several hundred old history of the caynon, Kaštil Slanica stands out with its exceptional ambience and gastro offer conected to its surroundings and its past.


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